Subway Melt Forbidden by Muslim Boss

Brian Worley


This is insane and I’m stressed out!

Two weeks ago I was sitting down enjoying lunch with my boss when he asks. “What are you having?”

“A Subway Melt.”

“What’s in it? “

“Bacon, Ham, Turkey, Cheese”

“You can’t eat that stuff in here.”

“Excuse me?” “Are you serious?”

“Yes, Pig meat is unclean and against my religion.” “Last year when I found another employee with pork, I made him take it outside of the building to eat…. it’s not allowed in here!”

My thoughts are suddenly overwhelmed with impulses on how to go about responding to the insanity my ears just heard. My boss was sitting to my left, and I sensed his manager on my right (also a Muslim) was stunned as well.

As an American, we don't have the freedom of UN-belief, that is unbelief without retaliation. So what did I do? I capitulated to my boss’ wishes because I am living from paycheck to paycheck like many of you…I’m struggling for survival and really need the income.

I’ve always liked Subway; to appease my boss I switched over to the Subway Club and asked the sandwich maker to substitute the ham with roast beef. They inquired with a strange look as to why I wanted to do this? One location denied the request so I found another one that understood it.

Things haven’t been the same since that strange lunch together. Why can’t a man just go to work, focus on excelling at his job without un-wholesome religion interfering?


Brian Worley     February  3, 2014     All rights reserved!


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