Supreme Court and Westboro Baptist Church

Brian Worley 

Dear Supreme Court,

A few thoughts about the antics of Westboro Baptist Church (WB) from an organization that seeks to find peaceful solutions to problems exacerbated by secular or religious strife.

WB is a secular problem…not a religious problem! It is greed…not the creed! Isn’t the Christian religion supposed to be the following of Jesus’ example? If a religious practitioner cannot provide “chapter and verse” proof for their activities…let’s call it what it is (secular activity with a feigned religious disguise or cover)!

As disgusting as book burning is…it is a Biblical practice (Acts 19:19) that should be protected by the First Amendment. There isn’t a Biblical precedent though for “churches” creating havoc at funerals, thus WB has no Biblical justification and shouldn’t be afforded the First Amendment protection that they are hiding behind!

Jesus and Funerals vs. Westboro Baptist Church

1. While I find Jesus “let the dead bury their dead” line to a disciple in Matthew 8:22 to be insensitive…it appears that when Jesus appeared at a funeral or gravesite it was because he loved and had some connection to the deceased. Apparently Jesus was uninterested in the Matt. 8 disciple's unbelieving father's funeral and did not go! WB goes to funerals of those it has absolutely NO connection with and hatred seems to be what motivates them.

2. I find Jesus weeping at a gravesite/funeral in John 11:35…not erecting a social campaign against gay people and not mocking the nation/state for having abortion and toleration for gay people as Westboro has! Mocking the state is a political expression…not a religious experience.

3. Jesus’ post-funeral appearance was an uplifting experience John 11:35 (raising Lazarus from the dead). WB appearance at a funeral is disgustingly cruel and insensitive to human grief! WB has absolutely no business frequenting a funeral of someone they aren’t acquainted and on good terms with.

WB’s agenda must be about greed, I have just stated where they have gone astray from the Biblical creed. Traveling cost money, where does WB get their money and what sub-human would support their deeds? WB should be held accountable for their deeds (this isn’t about the creed). Albert Snyder should be granted the 5 million dollar verdict and laws should be upon the books that protect those in grief from religious hucksters/agitators.

I'm a former believer that would like to see more purity from religion! WB's manipulation cast an ugly shadow upon the numerous good deeds that are done in the name of religion. I don't see WB as a legitimate religious entity...just a feigned one. From an "un-plugged" ex-minister's perspective the Supreme Court has a golden opportunity to do some religious "house cleaning" without infringing upon the First Amendment. It will take some backbone, but I encourage them to have the courage do the right thing!


Brian Worley     October 6, 2010     All rights reserved!


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