Applauding Dawkins Latest Move


Long-time readers of Ex-Minister’s blog and website know that while most every non-theist enthusiastically jumped upon the Richard Dawkins bandwagon, I wasn’t impressed and have expressed several times that his manner of expression concerns me. I have been critical towards Dawkins and have equated that he is like a man that has burned his winning lottery ticket.

Not that anyone would listen to any suggestions that I might express, but since I have voiced my displeasure with Dawkins in the past….let me say that I REALLY LIKE the decision that Dawkins recently made despite the grief he took for doing so.

See the Times Online article (has since changed) entitled “Outraged Atheists Lose Faith in Dawkins as he Censors Website .” I have extracted a few pertinent lines here:

online atheist forums, would in future be tightly moderated and “irrelevant postings and frivolous gossip” would no longer be allowed.

Writing on yesterday, in a posting entitled “Outrage”, he said that there was “something rotten” in internet culture and pledged to rid his website of its abusive element.....

The cloak of anonymity under which many people contributed to discussions had led to a culture of extreme language that would not be possible if people wrote under their name.

EXACTLY!!! This is what I had posted back in my October 2009 article entitled (since deleated)! Now if other atheists/secularist will follow his example, non-theism will have taken a giant step forward.

Personally, I am very happy that such a notable figure has taken such a position and I hope that they will consistently follow through with it in time. Non-theism is much better off when the ego’s are checked at the door, and divisive rhetoric gives way to reason and patient persuasion. Some non-theists that are obviously unfamiliar with people of faith seem to treat the faithful like a bag of microwave popcorn…throw them inside for a few minutes and presto… expecting change before their eyes. Life doesn’t work this way…at least not when your dealing with humanity!


Brian Worley     February 26, 201     All rights reserved!


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