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Conduct Deprived of Religious Support Deteriorates into Chaos

  2017 Blog Posts

Would Thomas Jefferson Get Elected in Today's USA?

2014 Blog Posts

Subway Melt Forbidden by Muslim Boss

The Efficacy of Prayer

Organizing for Unbelief in Canton North Carolina

Fred Phelps, Funerals and Family: Christian Advice on Dealing with Apostates

Religion has drawn their lines -- Secularism hasn't defined theirs

Obama, EEOC, Fascism and the Failure to Protect Unbelief

2012 Blog Posts

Reason Rally...Really?

A Little Exercise for Young Atheists

Reason Rally Re-dux

Blew the Budget on Bombs, Sorry No Money Left for the Basics

Unable to Make a Compelling Case for Atheism

Proverbs for Politicians

2011 Blog Posts

Beware of Atheist Nut Jobs...Some Have Guns!

When Lunatics Claim to Know the Mind of God

The Function of Myth

Fixing the Easter Scandal

Riots, Flash Mobs and Religion

The Plot to Undermine the American Pulpit

Cain's Plan for his Brother

Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen

A Skeptical Humanist and his Newspaper

2010 Blog Posts

The Supreme Court and Westboro Baptist

Herm Edwards' Beer Commercial

Radical Islam and Cordoba House

Applauding Dawkins Latest Move

Destiny and Other Sports Non-sense

Virgin Birth Question Answered by Philip Ball

Scientific Virgin Birth?

2009 Blog Posts

Bill Henness Collection

How Long was Jesus' Tomb Left Unsealed?   All Must be Fulfilled in the Law, Prophets & Psalms 
Fundamentalist Believers Think Like This   4 Gospel Accounts for the Burial & Resurrection
The Prophecies Conspiracy   Testimony of William Henness 
Don't Send an Escaped Slave Back to His Master  A Few Errors, Contradictions & False Prophecies 
A Believer Becomes an Apostate   12 Stones a Memorial Forever 
Getting Back to the Basics A Few Word Studies 
The Giving of Offerings  A Good Woman  
Amish Children  Virgie & Proverbs 31  
Rainy Day Thoughts  A Mother who was Godlike 
Giving Thanks for Food    An Explanation of Salvation
The god of the Hebrews & Jesus of Nazareth  You Will Have Peace Shortly
David & Nabal Today   What Happens After Death? 
A Cute Little Blind Boy   Do the Dead Ever Return to Life?   
A Peace Loving People   A Sign From Heaven Please 
Where the OT Scriptures Given by Inspiration?  

"Brother Greg"

The Emotional Difficulty of Leaving the Ministry

Howard Ferstler

Questions Concerning God, Man & Faith

Jim Worrell

Freedom Isn't Free; Real Patriotism for the 4th of July

Michael Murphy Collection

Bishop Accountability

Disillusioned but I love the Christians in my life!

Paul Benedict Collection

The Paul Benedict Story

Paul Benedict Story Part II

Spider Builds the Web!

Counseling Perspectives

Review of Paul Benedict's "Evangelicalism: Another Hallucinogenic"

 Brian Worley

Write for Ex-Minister's Blog

Review of Paul Benedict's "Evangelicalism: Another Hallucinogenic"

Uldis is Gone!

Too Religious for the U.S. Army

Biblical Separation and the Common Good

Lodi, California and the FFRF

Power, Prestige, and the Riverside Pulpit

Rescuing Steve McNair from Hell

Shutting Down a Belarus Church

Oral, How Tall was Jesus?

A Cave and Some Sand

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Hong Kong Atheist Interview with Virginia Yue


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