My Chains Fell Off Part II

Paul Benedict


Separation anxiety is a somewhat common experience for those that depart the faith. I found a sense of freedom but was very much in a world that I had not known before. The separation from the known to the unknown was very much akin to the Christian explanation of sanctification ... being positionally justified in Christ but still having to "work out with fear and trembling" that which had been accomplished by Grace! Happily, though, now I could work on what had been accomplished by reason.

I found that I was initially reticent about identifying with "worldly music"; the cinema; buying a Lottery ticket; giving place to expressing feelings about the Church; criticizing the Bible, ideas about God, the devil et al. The shroud of evangelicalism's bogeyman did not slip off easily.

I discovered how ignorant I was of in situ situations: politics, social issues and everyday matters. Emerging from the cushioned capsule of religious propaganda, I had to face the realities of life without the spectacles of faith hampering my vision to see things as they were - rather than being the result of fallen sinful nature!

Being free to love and care for others without the obligation to use situations as "a means to and end - soul saving" enabled me to levels of greater respect and empathy. I was not the woodcarver who would have to fashion people to fit into a body of the Church (sic).

I was enabled to satisfy my voracious desire to read and do research outside the confines of having to omit and delete that which did not fit into religious paradigms - objectivity was enhanced.

Yes, indeed, my chains fell off!


Brian Worley     July 14, 2009     All rights reserved!


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