The Spider Builds the Web!

Paul Benedict


Christianity thrives on the phrase, "Thus says the Lord" and this mind-boggling statement derives from the Bible, that is declared to be the word of God (the Christian god).

My book, EVANGELICALISM, ANOTHER HALLUCINOGENIC (Chapters 6 and 7) the history, compilation and unreliablity of the Bible is noted. The book is available on

The Bible is not guarded and supported by logic, proven concepts and relevancy but my aeons of sentimentality.

The Bible can be likened to the spider that builds a sticky doctrinal web. The latter then entraps the uninformed into a veritable jungle of confusing and contradictory statements - each of which emphasises, "Thus says the Lord" (sic). Its many arrogant claims are not only unproveable but also illogical.

Christianity comprises not only the delusional web of doctrinal chaos but supremely the avaricious appetite of the spider.

When we clean house we often remove the spider webs but unless the spider is despatched the problem remains.

Get rid of the spider and voila - Christianity with its web of deceit and confusion will be no more!




Brian Worley     June 8, 2009     All rights reserved!


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