Beware of Atheist Nut Jobs...Some Have Guns

Brian Worley


Hmmm…we seem to be experiencing an atheist uproar! First we have the Discovery gunman James Lee in September and now Jared Loughner in Arizona on the rampage. Both of these men were atheists.

The American Atheists have been aggressively posting billboards to encourage atheists to “come out of their closets”. I’ve written about this because I think that these types of atheists have a “screw” loose. That’s all we need is to have Atheistic groups to encourage more of these “nut jobs” to come out of their closets!

Loughner had asked Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords the following question roughly three years before he tried to assassinate her, "What is government if words have no meaning?" Clearly, words have meaning to Loughner.

Lets use a part of Loughner’s question “if words have no meaning” and look at the groups in which would welcome a “nut job” like Loughner into their ranks. The Counsel for Secular Humanism, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Center for Inquiry, American Atheists, American Humanists Association, Secular Coalition would welcome and recruit atheists to join them.

Let me make a loud and clear statement that a James Lee or Jared Loughner type would or should understand. A secular humanist seeks to improve human welfare upon our planet while atheism is amoral and only claims to be a lack of belief. Isn’t it clear that these two men lack respect for human life? So they can rightfully call themselves atheists but should be denied entrance into a humanist organization. Yet the above humanist organizations welcome and recruit atheists who may or may not respect human life.

The Counsel for Secular Humanism and the American Humanists Association should immediately delineate their terms and deny atheists into their ranks. There is a difference between the terms atheist and humanist! Until the above Humanist organizations delineate their terms, they must defend the actions taken by the type of “nut jobs” that they would allow into their ranks! These “Humanist Organizations” have some explaining to do!


Brian Worley     January 10, 2011     All rights reserved!

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