Cain's Plan for his Brother

Brian Worley


Enough is enough! Pardon the natural pun, but we have a non-Biblical Cain preparing to harm his poor brother if enabled. He calls it his 9-9-9 plan, let me render in German a proper response…nein!

Some people have no shame. Those waging warfare on the poor need to have their salvo’s brought to light. I won’t pose as a political analyst, these are not the issues people come to this website for. Bottom line, poor people will have an increased burden.

Evidentially, there is no limit on GREED. Cain needs to be kept at a distance from his brother. Most skeptics readily see this for what it is….and wince whenever modern followers of Jesus align with people who disobey his principles.

What would Jesus do? Jesus cared for the poor and would cut through the rhetoric. That is what Jesus would do!

I applaud and align with believers that have the intellect, fortitude and courage to stand for what they say they believe in. I agree with Jesus concerning the poor while disagreeing with Ayn Rand.

Ex-Minister has been silent concerning politics these 8 years. What I’m really saying is that skepticism and Christianity need to focus upon ethics. I’m in! This is an ethical issue. How will we know if we are on an ethical path rather than a political one? Answer, when Christians follow Christ’s instructions and skeptics renounce “Randism.”

PS: It is hard for me to fathom how a Baptist minister (Herman Cain) of a suburban Atlanta church cannot rightly discern what Jesus taught in the Scriptures. If Herman Cain were an ex-minister that departed from faith, I would give him a skeptical pass. It is unconscionable though for an intelligent believing minister to malpractice Jesus.


Brian Worley     October 16, 2011     All rights reserved!


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