Destiny & Other Sports Non-sense

Brian Worley


“God” doesn’t care which way the ball bounces or prefer one team or individual over another. Destiny, I’ve heard this term ad-nauseum ever since the New Orleans Saints beat my beloved Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl 44. If religious folks cared about the way they are perceived, they should immediately stop desecrating the character of their deity by thrusting spiritual/religious terminology into sporting events. Don’t you realize that you commit blasphemy by doing so?

Predestination and destiny

Lets back up a little and take a look at some of these popular societal religious terms people seem to love. Destiny and pre-destination of which the faithful deem to attribute to the supernatural is nothing more than wishful thinking in the sporting world.

Predestination can be explained like this. Lets say I wanted to take the Marc train from Washington DC to Baltimore. That train is pre-destined to travel between the two cities at arranged times. Since this is only a pre arranged route of travel, the public knows ahead of time that this route is but one of the available options to get from point A to point B. This is something that is known beforehand. There is nothing “spiritual” here, only an organized schedule of travel. “God” didn’t pre-destine that train…people working for Marc did!

The only predestination in sports is called the SCHEDULE. Teams don’t achieve their destiny….they ARRIVE at a destination and play a game. This isn’t rocket science folks, I hope that the faithful can comprehend a simple pre-kindergarten theological term here.

The destination is fixed and it is unlikely to be deviated from. If you were to board that train believing that it would take you to Toronto….you will be disappointed when the doors open in Baltimore with the announcement that this was the final stop. Your belief would have betrayed you. You would have no one to blame except yourself for your failure to listen and properly disseminate information.

Destiny in sports is nothing more than spiritual mumbo-jumboed semantics. There are a multitude of factors that determine the OUTCOME (NOT DESTINATION) of a sporting event. Things such as talent, weather conditions, desire, preparation, officiating, strategy and the execution of the same, alertness, attention, concentration are a few of the factors in the overall outcome.

The yearning to attribute a mere game to “God” cheapens theology and the very character of the “God” you seek to enhance. You do care about “God” don’t you? Then wise up and stop blaspheming your “God”!

It was impossible for the New Orleans Saints to have had a pre-ordained supernatural destiny that they can aspire to. The best they can do is to compete like everyone else battling for football supremacy for the title. The New Orleans Saints football team excelled this season and in the battle for the survival of the fittest….they were the last team standing and are deserving to hoist the championship trophy.

To give credit to “God” is sac-religious and takes away from the blood, sweat and tears it took to achieve the crown. Just like a public servant (police or fireman) that risks their life to save another is disrespected when the person they rescued clears their throat to praise “God” that they were rescued from pending doom…when in reality it was that fireman or policeman that should be acknowledged.


Brian Worley     January 11, 2010     All rights reserved!


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