Questions Concerning God, Man and Faith

Howard Ferstler


I would like to introduce a well-written article from Howard Ferstler. You might recognize Mr. Ferstler for his work in audio-video and record reviewing. Click this link for: more of Howard Ferstler's work. The next two paragraphs will tell you about the author and afterwards my thoughts about his essay.

Howard says:

I have never been a minister, and actually have been a religious skeptic for most of my life. While I dabbled with the Youth For Christ movement for a while during my high-school years, it did not take long after graduation for me to revert to a skeptical point of view. After four years of military service I went to college and majored in history and philosophy, and then in grad school I majored in humanities and philosophy. Unfortunately, I did not get my advanced degrees, and ended up working in a university library for 35 years before retiring.

I have actually not done much in the way of philosophical or theological work for the past few decades, although I did have an article published on the philosopher Spinoza back in 1975. In the service I was an electronics technician and for the most part my literary work has involved publishing several books on audio-video and record reviewing, and also helping to edit a small encyclopedia, plus a dictionary, both dealing with recording history and technology. Now that I am retired from both library work and A/V writing, I spend most of my time reading history, art, and philosophy books, and have no desire to become a firebrand for the secular humanism movement. However, it would be nice if the essay could get into print and do some good.

I’m fairly picky about what I post from others upon the website, in fact the first few paragraphs almost turned me off. Yet, I found it intriguing enough to venture forward and went on to thoughroughly enjoy and benefit from reading the article! You can tell that Howard is very well read and what he has written will provoke your thinking. I appreciate Howard sharing this his “Questions Concerning God, Man and Faith” with us here!

Howard has a different perspective upon the subject. Upon reading I suspected that he might be a deist and asked him about it. He answered: “As for my own theological beliefs, well, I may be a deist of sorts, or maybe an Aristotelian or even a Hegelian.”

I appreciate Howard initiating my thinking about how to better present the website (although it probably wasn’t his intention.) Although, I am decidedly a secular humanist, I have framed the boundaries too tightly that may make others reluctant to share with this website. I have always wanted critical, fair-minded thinking that isn’t mean spirited that has a better world as it’s target. Our titles don’t need to match, as long as we share similar goals! Enjoy the article and I hope that you will express your thoughts to Howard with your comments!


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