A Believer Becomes an Apostate

Bill Henness

Can a born again believer ever become an apostate? I donít mean just falling into some sin and backsliding while still in their heart still believing in God, Jesus, and the Bible. I mean a sincere believer who believed the Bible like a little child. Even preaching and pastoring, teaching, witnessing, winning souls, evangelizing. Then, because of errors, contradictions, etc., in the Bible he found, pursued searching for more (neg. Truth), until he no longer could believe the Bible as he once did, became critical, agnostical concerning the Bible, and looses, for the most part, his faith. However, still attending Church regularly, separated, etc., not practicing any sins.

The five stages:

When a Christian is first exposed to the fact of "errorance" of the Bible, they manifest much the same symptoms that a terminally ill person does when told of their fate.

1. Denial. (Becomes defensive)

2. Depression. (Donít want to hear or think about it, withdrawal.

3. Anger. (Angry at the one who showed errors) "Why me?"

4. Bargaining. (Searching to prove wrong---)

5. Acceptance. (Becomes liberal, agnostic, atheistic, or apostate)

These manifestations are not identical, but similar.

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