A Cute Little Blind Boy

Bill Henness


I used to work with a man, Jim Conkler and he had a son he named Jamey. I saw Jamey, oh maybe once a year or so. Just the other day I met him in Wal-Mart, and he was pushing a little 2 year-old boy in a stroller. I noticed the cute little tike had closed and deep set eyes. I motioned to Jamey, pointing to my eye, about him. He said, "Yes, he was born blind." I talked with him for a little while and we parted.

I got to thinking about that poor little blind feller. Born blind from birth and will be blind all the rest of his life. How cruel. When the Hebrew god was talking with Moses at the burning bush, he supposedly said;

"And the LORD said unto him, Who has made man's mouth? Or who makes the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the LORD?" (Exodus 4:11)

According to this verse, the Hebrew God makes the blind and the seeing. Why would a kind, loving heavenly father make a little boy born blind and will never see? That is cruel.

I suppose some believers will say something like "God's ways are past finding out", or "God has something special planned for him". These are nothing more than cop outs. If a God made him born blind he was cruel.

Brian Worley     June 28, 2009    Ex-minister.org     All rights reserved!


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