An Explanation of Salvation

Bill Henness

I realize there will be many zealots who will rise up in righteous indignation and disagree with me, however, if you have any tolerance for opposing views, please hear me out.

To begin with, almost everyone, at some time in their lives, have heard phrases like, "god in heaven," "get to heaven," "Jesus Christ," "hell," "get saved," "get religion," "Christian," etc.. the masses of people don't know any theology or the doctrines of the Bible, but they have heard bits and pieces of religious talk. Virtually everyone grows up just being themselves, which includes their faults, weaknesses, and ignorance.

Now I'll try to show a cross section of humanity, and their encounter with, "God."

Take Fred as an example of an ordinary guy, who cusses, drinks some beer, drives an old truck with country music on the radio, goes out with whatever girls he can, and is one of the "good ole boys."

In the back of Fred's mind he knows he does wrong, and some right, like church people. Fred has his share of troubles in life also. Let's say he has a near fatal accident, which causes him to do some serious thinking about the values of life.

Someone invites him to come to church with them, and he does. Every thing Fred holds as positive and good and true, is in the Church service. He hears the gospel and understands it. He hears about the dynamic power of God that is available to anyone who trusts Jesus as their savior. Sounds OK so far, huh? Fred walks the isle and is later baptized.

Let me explain what went on in Fred's mind.When he accepted the Bible as his rule book, he believes it is what he was told, God's Word. He is taught that Christ (the Holy Spirit) has come into his heart. He is taught all his sins have been forgiven. He is taught he now has a new nature. All these things he must be taught.

Now here is the crux. All of this positive reinforcement that he now has, gives him a very strong positive attitude now.

Fred now has the inner strength to stop drinking beer and smoking and cussing. Nothing has changed physically, but he now believes there is strength within him (in the Lord.)

Whenever he is tempted to his old ways, all he has to do is reinforce himself again with what he was taught and which he believes implicitly to be the infinite power of God. Actually, he now has all of his own inner strengths at work which were triggered by his "conversion" to God.

Another example is that of a good moral person like Joan. Joan was brought up in a moral home, taken to church on occasion, and has a nice personality. She has a couple of secret habits that she cannot brake, but apart from that, she's a nice girl. She has tried to brake her bad habits often, but cannot do it for any length of time.

Joan hears the old time gospel preached in a dogmatic manner one Sunday morning when she went with a friend to her church.

Joan has heard all her life that there is a God, that bad people do not go to heaven, that Christ was the savior, etc.. She believed Christianity as the real, right, ultimate way to live, so, that morning, being under conviction because of her life being compared to everything pure, she did what she was told and went forward. She admitted to all the preacher said to her. He showed her in the bible, if she would confess and pray, God would save her and the power of God would come into her life. She does.

Now the same thing that happened in Fred, now happens in Joan. Because of what she is taught and what she has always believed about God and the Bible, she now believes she has the ultimate power of god in her. She now has the motivation to brake her secret habits. She is so overjoyed with this new motivation, she now wants to show her appreciation to God by teaching a Sunday School class of kids. Her pleasant personality helps her to look like a real good Christian.

Joan already was a pretty good person, except for her bad habits. But now, because she believes she has God in her heart, she can overcome these also. And besides, if you can't overcome a couple of bad habits with God helping and enabling you -- but she can because she believes she can.

To suggest to her that she had the inner strength all the while, she would never accept, but now that she has the motivation (Christ in her) she can.

I guess what ever it takes to turn on your inner positive powers will do for you, what you, without it could never do.

This is how it may work, when a person turns to God. He is the ultimate power, so we all believe. You must have the power over sins now that you have God and all His power. Besides, if you still can't overcome some fault, it's a bad reflection on God, and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

In reality, I think, a person simply needs something to motivate them, like anything they believe is power and strength. the strength to do all of this comes, I think, from within themselves. They just need some positive belief to trigger their own inner powers.

It seems to me, everything about salvation, Christianity, etc., is mystical. It's all in your mind. If it's not in your mind, it's not there.

Did you ever see God answer prayer, apart from human help? I mean completely without any person's help. Like, a miracle from God? No?

It seems to me that everything that happens in life, that is not physical, is in the mind.


Brian Worley     June 07, 2009     All rights reserved!


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