Getting back to the basics

Bill Henness


Wouldn't it be just great if our nation were to go back to the way it used to be? When there were the rich and poor and middle class.

The rich, because of their education, their high intelligence, or their daddy, received a good education, had that old drive and went on to further themselves as much as they were able. As a result they had good health care because they could afford it. They drove nice cars because they could afford them. They ate well because they could afford it. Their children went to good schools and were well fed and healthy as a general result of it.

Then there were the middle class who were hard workers. They were frugal with what money they had. They saved for expensive things they wanted or needed. They may have taken a vacation once a year to visit relatives where they could sleep for free. As they gradually aged they accumulated many things they needed or wanted. They had to go into debt to buy a car or house or something expensive.

Then there were the poor. On this I can speak from experience. Of the poorest people in my home town we were the poorest, mainly because my dad was disabled with heart problems. Other poor families were poor but many of them were poor because of so many kids. There was one family with 14 kids, another with 12, and yet another with 12. In my family there were only three kids of which I was the oldest.

Poor people back then could not afford to go to the Doctor every time they got sick. If it was life threatening, then maybe. We had NO insurance. No saving account. We had no car, and no electricity until I was a freshman in High School. We could not afford to buy new school books like most other kids, but used old previously used ones. Seldom could we afford new clothes but rather wore other people's clothes. We did not eat very well either. We survived on WPA trucks that came around once a month with a basket of food, usually raisins, beans, flour, sager, etc. We had a few chickens for eggs and meat. We were on welfare and received a small monthly check from the State that allowed us to just barely survive. When you got sick you either got well eventually or you died.

None of we three kids have ever since been on welfare but have worked for our livings. Skimped and saved the best we could and each raised a family ourselves but hard work.

My reason for typing this subject is because I see our nation going toward socialism and I hate that. What ever happened to free people who either survived by their own efforts or died trying? If a person was desperately poor they could not reach their potential as a rich person could. They went under. But they went under proudly. Why do so many people believe we should give money and things to people who have not? Let them work for it themselves or die trying. What ever happened to the rich, the middle class, and the poor? Why must we all be well off? Many without even working for it. And, what's wrong with a poor person dying because they have no medical insurance? We're not all wealthy.

There. I have aired my feeling and thoughts and I feel a little better now. However, I know it will change nothing.

Brian Worley     September 29, 2009     All rights reserved!

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