A Good Woman

Bill Henness


My brother and I were talking about a lady he is attracted to, since his wife died. He is a fundamental Christian and would not even consider a lady unless she also was a "good Christian". If a lady smoked, took a social drink, wasn't faithful attending church services, etc., she would be "out." This conversation got me to thinking about what constitutes a "good Christian" lady. My wife always says that religion is what makes people decent and nice.
A good Christian lady must comply with the following:


She must stay at home and not visit and gossip. (1 Tim. 5:13)
She must be quiet. (! Peter 3:4)
She must be in subject to her husband. (1 Peter 3:1-3)
She must not speak in church. (1 Cor. 14:34,35)
These few verses will suffice to show what a "good Christian woman" is supposed to be like.
Then there are Muslim women who are "good".
They completely cover their bodies with loose hanging cloth. (I am unable to give scripture from the "holy book", The Koran, not being familial with it.)
They do not drink alcohol.
They do not swear.
They do not smoke.
They are submissive to their father, husband, and basically all men.
They are not outspoken. And many more I'm sure.
A "good Jewish woman" in order to be a "good Jewish woman", would have to be submissive to her husband and father, as the Law says.
She would be modest and not a liar.
So, my point is this: all religions, if a woman will adhere to her religion, would be a "good" woman. And, I'm sure, there are many non-religious women who also are good. So, my brother is very "picky" regarding a woman he would date or marry.





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