Rainy day thoughts

Bill Henness


I have been sitting on the front porch swing watching it rain and thinking (which will get you in trouble every time). Here are some of my thoughts.

Since no one knows how everything first started, i.e. life on Earth, plant and animal, then there is no point of trying to determine how it all started.

When I look at the trees I have no idea whether they were created or how they got here.

All the miracles recorded in the bible have allegedly happened thousands of years ago, so this is all hearsay from someone else. Sometimes second handed. It is obvious that miracles, like the ones in the bible do not happen today. So, if you discount miracles, everything just moves alone with nature, century after century.

I think the only reason a person even thinks about a Supreme Being creating everything is because of their upbringing and childhood teachings. If it wasn't for that, I doubt if anyone would even think of creation.

All the people I have known in my life time who died, are still dead, as are everyone who has ever lived. One day I will join them in the ground. I think the dead know nothing as the bible says. I have seen on forensic programs on TV, when they dig up a skeleton that has been dead hundreds of years, the skull is usually full of clay. So their brain is long gone along with their thoughts and feelings. Or so it seems.

I have, for many years, referred to myself as an agnostic rather than an atheist. However, if I could only see some evidence of a God....... But alas, there doesn't seem to be any evidence. I was thinking of the definition of a theist, and agnostic and an atheist. A theist believes there is a God, but that is where it stops. An agnostic doesn't know if there is a God or not and says there is no way for a person to know about it. An atheist says they do not believe in a God.

Its too bad that the word "Atheist" has such a bad name in society. It doesn't mean the person is bad, but only that they don't believe there is a God.

I have read Thomas Payne's book, "The Age of Reason", and in it he, being a theist, says he hopes there is a resurrection but he wasn't planning on it.

I seem to be leaning more and more toward atheism, but apparently I'm not there....yet.


Brian Worley     November 3, 2009    Ex-minister.org     All rights reserved!

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