Lodi and the FFRF

Brian Worley


I love Lodi, California! I lived there for quite some time and knew the religious community very well. So I wasn’t all that surprised to see that the town wasn’t so keen with the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s letter warning them about prayers in Jesus name.

Yes, that is the same town from the old Creedence Clearwater song “Lodi” with the most recognized refrain being “Oh, Lord! Stuck in Lodi again.”

I couldn’t forget my first day in town when I asked a cop for some directions. He asked me what I did, and I said “I was a minister.” He said “welcome to Lodi, we have 33 wineries and 33 churches…you will fit right in.” We both laughed. The town has quite a personality and is a bit stubborn. Just follow the link and you can see one of their first moves. They did some digging about FFRF’s financial records and put it in the paper!

This ought to be an interesting battle, the FFRF has disturbed a “buzzsaw.” Read the link and you will see Wiley Drake is already involved. When I lived in Lodi, they had one of the strongest John Birch Society chapters in the country. The Seventh Day Adventist churches there were some of the stronger ones in the country with some national figures having roots there. To boot, there are some factions that had some connections with Rushdoony before he died (Vallecito wasn’t that far away) and the theocrats that have eyes upon ruling the world! Oh, almost forgot that Cardinal Roger Mahony (now Archbishop of Los Angeles) came out of the nearby Stockton diocese.

Anyone see the “Deliver Us From Evil” movie? Elements from Stockton (10 miles away) and Lodi figure prominently in the storyline of perversion. If the FFRF prevails in a seeming little country town (as Drake calls it….actually 50K population) they will have added a nice feather to their cap!


Brian Worley     July 14, 2009     Ex-minister.org     All rights reserved!


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