Bishop's Accountability

Michael Murphy


I am so disgusted with the Catholic Church, the Bishops and the Pope's.

This scandal is as bad as the ones in the Middle Ages. I am so confused about the faith, that I am not sure where I stand as far as faith goes.

I know what St Francis says but the blood guilt of the pristine bride of Christ; is incomprehensible.

There is no docility in the Bishop's to accept consequences for their misconduct. Just continual denial and shifting of blame; and the absurd statements, e.g. "I got my wires crossed, that's why I did this." Or "he must have had a stroke and that is why he did what he did."

How can anyone in the Catholic Hierarchy expect anyone to accept their authority? The only thing that seems to be consistent with priests and bishops is the proclivity to condemn one to hell, if one should show any resistance to their absurd behavior, or speak out concerning their hypocrisy.

The preoccupation with sex in theology and catechetical teaching, is unhealthy, and damaging to the psyche of the "human person" .

Mortal Sin has no meaning in my opinion. The Bishops are guilty of it 1000 x's over, and yet they want to lecture us on Virtue.

I guess shifting the blame to homosexuals for sex abuse in the priesthood, and continued focal, pro-active antiabortion activity, clouds the landscape so, that they hope no one will notice the real danger hidden in the fog; predatory priests, spiritually (emotionally) abusive Bishops, and non-interested Popes.

I for one am not attending church and finding it difficult to believe..Judge me if you will, I am probably just a misguided, proud and unrepentant sinner. I guess things don't change much, do they?



Brian Worley     July 04, 2009     All rights reserved!


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