Oral, How Tall was Jesus?

Brian Worley


As you may have already read, Oral Roberts had past away on Tuesday, Dec. 15th. Oral lived the bulk of his life in preparation for the moment of death. Now, if his version of the Holy Book is correct, he will get a chance to see his beloved Jesus.

What gets interesting here is that he had once claimed that he had a vision that he saw Jesus in 1977 and that he was 900 feet tall. Now if the book is correct, he will get to meet his Jesus face to face with a new body (which would have to include a new set of eyeballs)…wouldn’t it? As they say, absent from the body means presence with the Lord.

But should this all be true, should Oral be looking forward to meeting God? I could imagine Jesus asking…”You told the people that I was 900 foot tall?" Asked in a similar manner as the question that God had asked Adam in the garden of Eden ”Where art thou?” God knew the answer, he just wanted to hear the reply! Plus, imagine Jesus' disciples having to hew out a sepulcher large enough for a 900 foot body to rest. Somebody is being disingenous here because the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem isn't THAT big!

Some folks find it difficult to look another in the eye and lie; while others do it without batting an eye. Oral has some explaining to do with his maker if the ole Holy Book is true. I’d pony up the money in this depressed economy to see the heavenly scene if it were to make it to a pay per view television screen! I’d love to see how he would explain the 900 foot line to Jesus when he is face to face with him in the pearly gated community!

The Bible expresses that God is the giver and taker of life, doesn’t it? Yet, Oral went and told the faithful that God would take him to glory if he didn’t raise that 8 million dollars in 1987. I’d love to see the look on Oral’s face when God asks for chapter and verse on this one!

In closing, Oral had a colorful life! He was one of the few that was financially prosperous for being a minister. He had a good long life and left this one for a better one in heaven..so they say. From one ex-minister to another, I have a question. What if Oral was wrong? What if none of those stories/sermons he so passionately spoke from behind the pulpit were true?

If Oral was wrong, he lived a wretched life taking the nickels and quarters from little old ladies living near poverty level. Is there any honor in that?

While others will surely cry over your casket; I would submit that if that Bible you proclaimed was only a book of literature (as I believe it is) then you would had lived a life of vanity. What a way to be remembered!


Brian Worley     December 15, 2009     Ex-minister.org     All rights reserved!


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