The Plot to Undermine the American Pulpit

Brian Worley


The atheists have done it again. First, since they were dumbfounded without having a scientific sounding reason to explain the origin of the universe they reverted to their nature. So what did they do? They stole the church’s answer of the Big Bang (which had the God of the Bible behind it) but instead denied that God exists and attributed natural selection as the force behind the Big Bang. No original thinking here, just an act of pirating.

Second, since atheism has such a bad reputation they decided to deflect it by forcing the amalgamation of secular humanism into atheism. They have virtually destroyed secular humanism (which wasn’t at war with Christianity) and replaced it with the “new atheism.” Once again no original thinking was done here; this is just another act of piracy.

Third, they coveted my own Ex-Minister Idea. I have always wanted to reach out and assist ministers within religion and those transitioning out of religion. Atheists saw that with a twisted motive, they could turn this into a recruitment tool for atheism. Once again no original thinking was done here; this is just another act of piracy.

About two years ago, I had approached Dan Barker of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) about helping ministers and the cause of Ex-Minister. Two years later I have yet to hear back from Barker. However, I just happened to sit in on a lecture given by Linda LaScola in Wheaton, MD a few months back and now understand that my helping idea has been “swiped” and converted into an atheist-recruiting tool!

Ex-Minister’s eight-year-old idea (since 2003) had the interests of the minister in mind rather than recruitment for atheism as its goal. According to LaScola a sizeable donation was given to study non-believing clergy, that donor does not want to be identified!

A number of well-known atheists have been collaborating together and are close to unveiling what is to be called “The Clergy Project.” Linda LaScola (researcher) and Daniel Dennett (Tufts University and one of the “four horsemen” of atheism) have been conducting research of non-believing clergy for a length of time. See The Washington Post on: (link has since been deleted)

As LaScola’s lecture continued, I was a little taken back when she reacted to a tape recorder that a member of the audience was running. She insisted that recording her lecture was not permitted and had to be assured that the recorder was turned off before she continued on.

LaScola proceeded to describe how the tests were conducted and then showed an ABC News clip interviewing members of the clergy that LaScola research had interviewed. The identities and voices were disguised as to not blow the clergymen’s cover.

After the clip was shown, LaScola revealed the clergymen’s first names and discussed the impact that should follow when America comes to understand that a number of clergy actually do not believe what they are publicly preaching from the pulpit! I WAS LIVID and almost came out of my chair!

First let me say, if a non-theist group wants to reach out and help these clergymen…I would welcome this. Second, I resent that LaScola broke the vow of complete confidentiality that Daniel Dennett had promised (video of this is/was on Richard Dawkins website). These clergymen have had their trust violated! Third, I have been doing this since 2003 and have a good understanding of what the real numbers of disbelieving ministers are…atheism stinks for exaggerating these numbers! Fourth, a minister being approached by this team would get the feel that this was professional research being conducted here rather than a pretense to float the idea out to the American religious public that a large number of their clergy doesn’t believe what they teach and that this study is a tool to undermine the credibility of active clergy.

I raised my hand to ask questions, but I was ignored. Atheists in the audience were yapping about something I knew they didn’t care to understand. LaScola took a break and came to a table that was near to where I was sitting.

I went and introduced myself to LaScola and asked her why in the name of research would they avoid the person that introduced the Ex-Minister idea (yours truly). She told me that I should get in touch with Dan Barker. I laughed at her and said Dan has refused to communicate despite my attempts. I looked her in the eye and said, “You ought to be ashamed of yourselves! The reality is that there is no true intent to help these ministers; this is just an atheist-recruiting tool to undermine the faith of the man in the American pews!” LaScola didn’t like what I had said and I decided to zip it and left the meeting prior to its ending.

Another thing that disturbed me was what LaScola had said about one of the men that she interviewed (also on the ABC News disguised video clip). You would think that a thorough researcher might have recognized a rather large “red flag” and moved on to another. One of these clergymen was basically a draft dodger. To avoid going to the Korean War there was a program that allowed a clergyman-attending seminary to avoid military service. He jumped at the chance! Sure he didn’t believe then, he just exploited a loophole, got a clergyman’s education and stayed in the ministry afterwards. What business did LaScola have to feature a man with such an obvious character flaw?


Brian Worley     September 5, 2011     All rights reserved!


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