Radical Islam & Cordoba House

Brian Worley

Iíve always deplored the moderate position! You donít jump into the middle of something and try to play peacemaker while hoping to attract or persuade those flanking you upon the right or left into a centrist position. It doesnít work! Enter the Cordoba House (aka proposed Muslim center just two blocks away from ground zero in NYC).

I find myself at odds with people I very much respect and frequently agree with upon many fronts like Sojourners, Rabbi Shapiro concerning this issue. Oddly, I find myself in agreeance with Newt Gingrich and Cal Thomasí views about Islamic relations on this matter.

Excuse the Biblical expression, but we need to divide the wheat from the chaff here! Religious tolerance? Ex-Minister organization is very selective about what we should tolerate and be friendly towards; radical Islam and any group that looks kindly to the imposition or mixing of Sharia law into a democratic society draws my ire!

Where is the line? At what point does tolerance give way to a fight? When one looks upon America with freedom of religion (democracy) and any of a number of Middle Eastern Islamic countries without freedom of religion one can clearly see the line!

While I am for freedom of religion, many Muslimís arenít and that is why they donít have a democratic government in place! Ex-Minister will be very supportive of any Islamic organization that speaks out against intolerance AND Sharia law AND theocracy of any persuasion. While we are at it, they had better align and support the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights as well!

All religions arenít the same, some within Christianity want to build a Christian theocracy to rival those Middle Eastern Islamic theocracies. We as former ministers, non-theists have no room or inclination of a moderate position towards radical fundamentalist religious positions! Islam is radical; Christianity was during the crusades! Now it is in rehab. Centuries have passed since the last Christian theocracy, but you have to keep an eye upon their schemes to install another one. Islam already has several theocracies in place and if the Cordoba Initiative wants my support lets hear them speak out against the theocracies, Sharia law, and fight for human rights within Islamic nations!

While we are at it, why not reveal who it is that financially supports you? We are not naÔve, until Cordoba House does these things we doubt that they would bite the hand that feeds them! Muslims have this intimidation thing down pat, just ask people like Salmon Rushdie!

While some non-theistís rhetoric is freedom from religion; you get the idea upon reading or listening to them that in realityÖthey just donít want religion around period! In reality, that is the atheist position! Can a leopard change his spots? Likewise, can an Islamic ďpeacemaking organizationĒ change an intolerant theocratic mindset? In reality, that is the Islamic position (theocracy with itís Sharia law).


Brian Worley     August 05, 2010    Ex-minister.org     All rights reserved!


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