Reason Rally Re-dux

Brian Worley


Within the modern day atheist movement, marketing seems to have replaced critical thinking skills.

 I browsed through the pro-atheism web sites (including NPR) for their assessment of the “Reason Rally” only to find “rubber stamped” reports of their success. As a critic of the atheist movement, I am pleased that their standards are so low! They have had to revert to “creative spin” to mask the disaster.

The movement claims to have 15% of the American population. To put that in perspective for reasonable attendance expectations you first have to find the population of the DC metro area (it is 5.6 million people). Fifteen percent of 5.6 million is 840,000 people. For attendance to reach one percent, you would have to have had 56,000 attend the rally. Despite having a massive marketing campaign, the “Reason Rally” couldn’t muster a third of one percent of the local population.

They had a rock band, a free concert, out of state pull and undoubtedly the visitors that annually converge upon the Capitol for the National Cherry Blossom events that probably got coincidently counted in the meager figures.

Local media sources estimated that several thousand attended the event (less than ten thousand). Pro-atheist websites claimed tens of thousands. The highest hyperbolic number claimed was 30,000, the consensus was somewhere between 10 and 20 thousand for the March 24th event within the movement. Depends upon who you want to believe for the numbers; do you believe the cultural warfare warriors or those that wince upon the activities of the movement?

I’m encouraged with the results, which finally gave me something objective to measure the reach of the movement. The “spinmeisters” leading the movement can now see what their PR dollars have wrought. The results verified that my observations of the movement have been right all along that the movement is the product of marketing that the general population has not bought into!

Despite the marketing lies being propagated, the movement is as fragile as a house of cards that needs protection to survive. I’d like to collapse that house; all it would take is for one of their frightened leaders to debate me. Until the atheist movement is made to “back down” or is defeated, it will remain irreverent but not irrelevant in society. In America, marketing dollars can wreak a lot of havoc and protect people that should have to answer their critics.


Brian Worley     April 30, 2012     All rights reserved!


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