Rescuing  Steve McNair from Hell

Brian Worley


 Steve McNair was a former NFL Quarterback and a potential Hall of Famer

If one were to type the following question into an internet search “ Was Steve McNair a Christian?”; one could easily come to the conclusion that he didn’t speak out against Christianity. In fact, he had held annual football camps at Goodpasture Christian School for at least eight years in Nashville. So it isn’t a stretch to conclude that Christianity played a role in his life.

Excuse me for being so direct here, but I do not want to get into what his position on the deity was. I have no way of knowing; I just want to rescue him from hell is all!

See it doesn’t matter what his belief system was, if indeed he was an adulterer and if the Bible is true he would certainly be in Hell by now! Doesn’t matter how many good things the man did, Jesus will see to it that he will be tortured forever without end! The thought horrifies me!

Do you remember the scene from “The Green Mile” where the twisted prison guard kept pressing the electrocution switch and enjoyed watching the horrible sight? What makes God any better than that guy? Talk about overkill, Steve McNair dies at age 36 and God will still be listening to cries from Hell in 2050 from whoever entered into it lately.

I read one blog that mentioned that if he were faithful to his wife, he would still be alive today! Well, I don’t know about that but when a well known public figures dies before “their time” consciousness is raised and people start to talk! Now what I am saying here will probably stir the emotions of people. Some Christians would express that an adulterer deserves Hell. While others rationalize their Christian revelation out of their consciousness because they don’t want to think or talk about it.

They don’t want to discuss it, BUT I DO! Hell is a warped, twisted concept that decent human beings should condemn! “King David” was an adulterer, but since he was a “man after God’s heart” he gets a free pass to Heaven. Adulterers today don’t have that luxury according to the Bible; they’re going straight to Hell! What a difference 2,000 years makes as well as illustrating that the New Testament is more severe in judgement than the OT was in certain matters.

I have made no judgements upon Steve McNair, but I hope to have made a few people think and to rescue him from the Hell that some fundies will want to place him in!


Brian Worley     July 5, 2009     All rights reserved!


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