Scientific Virgin Birth?

Brian Worley


You just might find this Pew article interesting (link is no longer valid), I did. Not sure what to say about it here...but I can imagine Christians using this story as a way to enhance the mythical virgin birth story from the Bible and pawn it off as science.

I seek to refrain from commenting upon subjects where I couldn't add anything significant to the discussion, but I'd appreciate hearing from someone knowledgeable that could explain in layman's terms if "virgin births" are indeed scientifically possible. Virgin births defy reason and it is difficult for one to accept the thought of such a report to be scientific.

What's next if "virgin births" are indeed a scientific possibility? Could you imagine someones pregnant teenage daughter trying to tell her parents that she wasn't with a man but is carrying a child anyway? Imagine the father's friends asking who is responsible for the pregnancy and being told that she is a virgin. This is a case where science needs to speak clearly and authoritatively!


Brian Worley     January 28, 2010     All rights reserved!


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