Shutting Down a Belarus Church

Brian Worley


Belarus officials have issued an ultimatum to New Life Church in Minsk (the capital city) to get a permit or they will shut down and confiscate the church! This is another example of an Eastern European government’s disdain for human and civil rights in action!

Belarus has been making military and financial ties with Iran. This story is troubling for many reasons beyond human and civil rights for us because Latvia borders Belarus. One has to wonder what influence or “strings” come attached when you do business with those Iranian fundamentalists.

This disdain of human rights mentality in this part of the world is an outrage! Do churches have the right to exist? Or is this just an American First Amendment projection of mine towards a sovereign European country? Why should you or I care if there is one less church in the world?

The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights addresses that this isn’t just an American First Amendment projection when Articles 2 and 18 are read! Personally, I am fed up with fundamentalists of all persuasions disregard for the United Nations! Will the UN ignore the rights of this Belarus church as it has ignored our plea? Having left fundamentalism I am now in favor of the UN actually doing what the UN should do! I do not understand why the UN has ignored our pleas and why they simply cannot roar and solve ours as well as the plea of this Belarus church? The UN needs to have some teeth in order to solve problems, if not just scrap it and lets just end the charade!

I see this as a BIG story that has flown below the radar of public attention! Would you be happy to see one less church in the world regardless of the manner in which it is disposed?

Anyone whom knows religious history understands that persecution is what really propels a church’s motivations! My other reflection upon this is that suppose that a theocracy is imposed (the roles are reversed.) Would you (as a secularist) suddenly see the need to start standing for human rights regardless of the views that one has towards religion or non-belief?

You might say that it would be too late at that point! I hope that I have made my point and would love to hear your thoughts upon these matters!


Brian Worley     August 28, 2009     All rights reserved!


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