Unable to Make a Compelling Case for Atheism

Brian Worley


"Unable to make a compelling case for atheism, atheists launch hateful billboards mocking faith" 

Robert Parham, Executive Director of the Baptist Center for Ethics


Robert Parham is right about the atheists. They can’t make a compelling case for atheism. In turn they get frustrated and spew their hatred, which attracts likeminded people attracted to hatefulness. They join groups such as: American Atheists, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Center for Inquiry and other likeminded groups. The profiles of the people who join these groups are eerily similar.

As most readers of Ex-Minister’s blog & website know, I don’t care for these groups and think they are a detriment to society. David Silverman, Dan Barker, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins or Ronald Lindsey wouldn’t dare debate me for the same reason Robert Parham gave…”they can’t make a compelling case for atheism”.

What is pathetic is that they cannot win the argument within secularism. So what did they do? They bought out secularism. We don’t have a secular movement within America anymore, just an atheist movement. A movement that needs to be put in its place!

Sadly, Atheist jerks bully with impunity in America. Just as Glass-Steagall had once regulated the financial markets to prevent corruption…Humanist groups had in the past kept atheists in check. Sadly, with both entities disemboweled we see what has occurred in their absence.

Atheists continue to pick fights with religion. While this writer won’t be voting for either Obama or Romney in November…I really don’t like what they did to Mormonism and Romney. The 98 lb weakling continues to kick sand in the face of society. Atheism is vulnerable and I think the time has come to non-violently destroy the secular movement!


Brian Worley     August 22, 2012     Ex-minister.org     All rights reserved!


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