Virgin Birth Question Answered by Philip Ball

 Brian Worley

Last week upon viewing the Pew Report concerning Sharks and "virgin births" i.e. parthenogenesis, my curiosity was stirred enough to ask a question and to contact a respected science writer who is known to be balanced and yet fair when dealing with subjects that tread into religious interest territories. Philip Ball is that man and I encourage you to visit his Homunculus Blog which I have followed for years.

Click here for Ball's: Sharks and Virgin Births

Click here for the Pew Report: Study of Shark Virgin Birth Shows Offspring Can Survive Long Term

Click here for Ex-Minister Blog's initial post concerning "Virgin Births"

Science and theology should remain separate matters, Philip Ball has done everyone a favor by taking this matter up prior to the release of his next book that he is working upon. That book, Unnatural: The History of the Heretical Idea of Making People, will be published by Bodley Head some time next year.


Brian Worley     February 10, 2010     All rights reserved!

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