A Little Exercise for Young Atheists

Brian Worley


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What’s wrong in this picture?

There is no moral gene, thus ethics somehow needs to be taught. Ethical systems don’t just grow on trees…they are built up. Ask yourself who teaches ethics and observe who in society wars against our existing ethical systems?

Society is going where our ethical systems take us. Is the best way to fix the problem captured in this picture to destroy one of the few ethical systems already in place? Tired of religion, and are you comfortable with exacerbating the problem in this picture?

PS: This writer stumbled upon and read Helmut Theilicke’s short book while in Bible college: A Little Exercise for Young Theologians. One pertinent exercise contained within was to caution young theologians about “using truth to destroy instead of building up.” That admonition is needed in our day!


Brian Worley     March 30, 2012     Ex-minister.org     All rights reserved!


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